Super Worker At Buick

This Flint Buick worker was like many back in the day who never wanted to leave. I never knew James Edward but I did know others forced to leave the job that was their life. One in particular (who’s name escapes me now) worked as a checker in building #16 south (new factory #40) receiving dock. When he was forced out in 1982 he returned the following morning and was told to go back home. He had never married or even owned a car. He walked to work every day. On November 2, 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill into law that stopped this mandatory retirement age. Buick used to give special awards to workers who achieved 5 years without missing a day. “I never received one of those”! There were a handful of workers who got there second gold watch in my time. This article is from The Weekly World News on November 26, 1985.


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