Factory #12 Sheet Metal Plant

Expansion plans for factory #12.
Construction update.
Article concerning the new factory for sheet metal at Buick.
This south-east view is taken from the Oak Park subdivision.
This north-west view shows the south -end of factory #12. That is the Buick “Driveaway” area at the future Oak Park entrance. Mostly dealers would pick up there fleet of cars here and drive them back to there dealerships. You could also pick up your own car here, direct from the manufacturer.
This is a south-east view of the north-end of factory #12 taken from the intersection of Industrial Avenue and Leith Street. This area now is much taller.
This south-west view of the north-end of #12 shows Leith Street in the foreground and the factory is still only one floor.
This badly damaged photo shows a small addition being built on the east wall of the factory. This view is facing south-west.
Same as below only another copy.
Looking north-east after the roof was raised for the larger press installation.
This was labeled as the largest press in the state.
This is the “Car-Trac” area of Buick City where I worked in 1987. This is a north facing view near the south-west wall along old Industrial Avenue. The stairs lead to the rest rooms. Links:

Factory #12/#16

Buick Driveaway 1923

Buick War Work

1968 Strike

Factory #12 Body Shop

Leith st. 2008

Factory #01 Roof Trusses

Oak Park Lot 2008

Factory #12 2002 -2008

Factory #29 WWI Ambulance

Factory #12 Demolition Plus Inside

Factory #12 fender Drawman

Factory #12 Drawman Hood Press

Buick City Lee Furse 1985


Factory #12 drawman 1966

Factory #12 1997

Factory #12 1925 Thru 2002

Factory #12 The Early Years

Buick City Building Designations


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