Factory #20 The Buick Foundry

This shows the Buick Powerhouse being built in 1920. Filling the background is the foundry #20. Building #15 off to the right is the Pattern & die shop.

This north-west view from the Pere Marquette overpass on Leith street shows factory #20 beyond factory #15 in the foreground. Factory #11 engine plant is in the extreme distance.

This photo is the exact opposite direction as shown below (this is north-east). This is the intersection of Leith and Division streets. The bridge is for bringing finished engine blocks to factory #11 for machining. The date is September 24, 1924. This foundry was built in 1916. It was demolished between 1931- 1932. This was the location of building #85 where I hired in during 1972.

This south-west view of factory #20 shows the area for reclaiming the sand for the cores. Excuse the reflection from the Mylar. This is not a building under construction.

Aerial view which shows the direction that the photo above was taken. Photos are from the Buick Research Gallery. Links:

Leith Street Revisited.

Factory #20

Buick 1932

Charles Nash Testing Vehicle

Factory #20 Foundry Inside

Factory #20 Foundry


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