Factory #06 Assembly

This north-west view from Division Street is showing axles being unloaded at the south dock of factory #06. The bridge (at the left) is going to factory #01. The date is September 24, 1921.

Showing engine installation in factory #06 either during 1917 or 1918.

This west facing view across the Pere Marquette rail line shows the location of factory #06 October 15, 1920.

This view taken from the Varnish factory across Hamilton Avenue shows factory #06 trailing off at the far right.

The same scene as shown below only in 1947. This is where I first worked at Buick.This is also where my video of Buick was made in 1995.

This north facing view shows the demolition of the original factory #06 in 1946.

Location of factory #06. This would be the future site of building #16 or new factory #40, where I first entered a Buick factory, and always considered home.

The receiving area for the radial engine of the M-18 Hellcat tank in factory #06.

Assembling the bogey wheels on an M-18 Hellcat tank in 1943 in factory #06.Links:

Court Yard Between Factory #06 and #07.

Division Street

Getting The Picture

Largest Plant In The World 1911

Buick 1908 & 1909

Walter Chrysler Photo 5,000 Buick Employees

Assembly factory #06

Factory #06 Assembly

Buick factory #1 & #6

Buick Track Postcard

Buick Factories 1908



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