Leonard Thygesen Historic Documentary.

Leonard being interviewed at Oak Park.
Precarious perch.
Leonard at work on this documentary while being interviewed.
This new edit includes the Delphi east demolition, or as most people knew it simply as AC.
I love the soundtrack he has done with this documentary, of a time that has now “Slipped Into History Forever”.
Some of the news reporting on Leonard’s quest.
I’ve watched these movies now 11 times. I find them fascinating, as you can probably tell from my history blog of Buick. I’m sure you can still get these original VHS sets as well as the new (edited) DVD. He probably still sells shirts too, and I know he sells the aerial views of Buick also.
Leonard selling his demolition movies (which are great) down at the Buick site, many years back. Links:

Leonard Thygesen

Demolition View 2012

Powerhouse #07

Factory #28 Before & During Demolition

Factory #12 2002 -2008

Buick Demolition

Factory #04 Collage

Buick City Demolition

Before And After Buick City

Truck #2489

Factory #28 Demolition

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