Buick North-End 2008 – 2010

A complete view of factory #03 spring plant (old #30 aluminum & brass foundry) Factory #05 is seen at the right with a small portion of #81 (the old Grey Iron foundry, #70 at the left. I don’t know who took these photos. The only name this person went by is “Nailhead”, great name though!

Here were looking north from inside the steel skeleton of what was once a working factory. I know, I mentioned this a year ago, but I still wonder why they left this building this way, for so long? Leonard Thygesen has answered this question. He states: “The skeleton that was left (Drop Forge) carried the power (electrical) tray to 70, 71, 86, 15 & 85″. That is factory #10 in the distance (at the right) along Division Street.

Here were looking south from in front of the stairwell shown below. That is the north-end of factory #81 in the distance.

Here is the stairwell and elevator entrance that is shown below. This sure reminds me of old factory #40 at the south-end of Buick.

Were looking west, at the south-end skeleton of factory #03 spring plant, which stood like this until the summer of 2011. That is the south-end of factory #05 in the distance (at right).

This was described as: factory #36 head department. This demolition took place between 2010-2011.

Looking east at the engine factory demolition in 2010.

Looking south down Division Street towards the bridge (bridge number unknown) connecting #10 transmission plant (on the left), with factory #05 transmission, gears and such (on the right).

Factory #10 viewed from the north. Probably under the Stewart Avenue overpass.

Looking west at factory #10 with building #22 in the center foreground..
A 1200 volt compressor in #22.

Looking at west wall of #22.

Inside #22 cooling tower.

Here were looking north at the Stewart Avenue overpass. Factory #10 on the left, with #36 beyond the overpass. The gas pumps visible at left (when you enlarge photo) was where I fueled up the truck I drove while I worked in factory #02. I know it seems like a long way from the south-end complex, but that was what we did.

Looking south towards downtown Flint. This is on the Stewart Avenue overpass. That is the great aluminum factory (on the right) from World War II, or as it was later known, factory #10 transmission plant.


Factory #03 Forge

Factory #10

Factory #03/bldg #30

Negro Camp At Factory #30

Factory #30 Interior

Factory #30/#03 2004

Factory #30 East Wall

Brass and Aluminum Foundry

Factory #30 Northwest Corner

Factory #10 Assembly Line

Buick 1966

Northend Buick Site 2008


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