Buick Special Celebration.

This is the pin given out to workers on this June day.
Some 66 Buick Special models.
This is June 20,1966. This traveling music group was still traveling through Buick when I worked there. The worker driving the “Clarkat” truck worked with us in the materials group #88 on #16 rail dock. I can not remember his name and even sent this photo to another worker that was in our group. He recognized him also, but could not remember his name. He retired around 1978. I do remember that he ran the card game in the area (shown here during demolition at lower right) on the second shift in new factory #40 or building #16 on Division Street. This photos location appears to be along the west wall of factory #04. Excuse the Mylar reflection on the photo. These are archive prints that you handle with white gloves. This photo is from the Buick Research Gallery in Flint,Michigan. Links:

Buick 1948 – 1958

Factory #40/bldg 16

Gerry Godin 1980 Accident


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