Factory #30 Begining To End.

Here is the same view as shown below only on October 14, 1920 during construction of the new Buick Brass and Aluminum foundry. This photo is from the Buick Research Gallery.


This is August 25, 2003 looking west at what is (at that time) designated building #30 or factory #03. The Buick spring forge. You can see the original east wall since the demolition had started. This is a still shot from the Leonard Thygesen demolition documentary.


Factory #03/#30

Buick North-End 2008 – 2010

Factory #03/bldg #30

Factory #30 Interior

Factory #30/#03 2004

Factory #30 East Wall

Brass and Aluminum Foundry

Factory #30 Northwest Corner

This addition to the original #30 aluminum foundry was built following  World War II. This is the east side of  the #03 spring plant which which got that new designation after 1963. These three photos are 35mm photos from Leonard Thygesen.


Factory #03/#30 before demolition begins. This north facing view has factory #70/#81 in the foreground. From left to right in the background is #05 and #10. 


The spring plant #03 was the first to fall before the wrecking crew north of Leith Street which was not part of Buick City. The area north of Leith was called  Powertrain Flint North.

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