Factory View From Leonard Thygesen

An M-18 HellCat tank destroyer is heading south on the assembly line in factory #62 at Buick. This one has just had it’s tracks installed. Demolished in 1963 this factory saw the last car through the old assembly plant #06 then onto #62 on August 2, 1963.  Go here for more.  These photos are all from Leonard Thygesen’s personal collection.


Inspectors for the 75mm shells at Buick. in factory #12. Demolished in 2002.  Go here for more.


Pratt and Whitney engine training at Buick. Demolished in 2002.  Go here for more.


M-4 tank component construction in factory #2  at Buick. You are looking south. Demolition in 2002.  Go here for more. 


M-4 tank assembly. This is the revised version being assembled. The original drive unit made by Buick in flint was a three piece design. Nearby Fisher Body factory #1 also did tank assembly during World War II. This could possibly be at the Grand Blanc factory just south of Flint. The Grand Blanc facility has just been slated for demolition in the near future. Always known locally as “The Grand Blanc Tank Plant” even though no tanks have been produced their since 1955 when it reverted to civilian automobile component production. My uncle Lawrence Royer worked his entire life there. Go here for more.


Looking north in Buick’s factory #02 during conversion to military  production in World War II.  Demolition in 2002This was one of the last places I ever worked at BuickGo here for more.


I think were looking at factory #66 the crankshaft factory.  This factory was demolished in 2011. Go here for more.


People who worked in this area have pointed out that this is in factory #70 foundry.  Demolished in 2012. Go here for more.



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