Joseph Dennis photo showing factory #31 during demolition. Go to the following link to view all of Dennis’ great photos. FLICKR.



3 thoughts on “Demolition.

  1. I hired into Fact.31 in 1972.As I found out later(with picture proof),I was the 4th generation in my family to work in that building (Building 11).I spent all my 32years at the site.I retired out of Fact.10 in 2004.My dad worked there too when it opened in 1942.Your story of fact.12 in 1974 interested me,for I spent 1 yr in Fact.50(shipping dock for all hoods fenders etc…rail,truck & air cargo).I remember when the guy was crushed in the hood press.Even though I wasn’t there.(I got laid off from 12 and ended up on assembly in Factory 04.Fact. 50 was at the end of the hood lines.Your statement about people seeming to be buddy-buddy there and what it was really like(cutting other peoples throat for overtime) was right on the mark.I KNOW!! I was also an alternate committeeman for 4 yrs. I would love to see more,and or communicating with you on Buicks history.

    • Sounds like we both followed similar paths Pat. I was also laid off when the person died in #12 and went to work at Chevy in the hole for almost a year. I retired out of Bay City Powertrain in 2003. Your name is familiar to me but I’m not sure why? This is one of four of my Buick blogs. The one that receives the most updates is this one… contact me any time Pat and feel free to contact me either at home or on the blog #989-465-0345. Gmail is or take care…Gerry Godin

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