5 thoughts on “1940 Buick Roadmaster Pickup.

  1. Great article. I love all things Buick especially roadmaster. My father and I collect – 47 super conv, 48 roadmaster sedanette, 48 roadmaster sedan, 39 roadmaster sedan, 84 riv conv, 82 riv convertible, and that’s just the buicks! My fav is the sedanette. Send me your email and I will send you some pics for the site. Colin , Melbourne Australia

  2. I actually got to sit in this truck about 7 or 8 years ago, in 2008 i beleive. i took alot of pictures of it because i thought it was amazing. It was sitting in the parking lot of Muffler Man in Flint, Michigan where my dad works. I didnt get to meet the owner but i was told the story behind these 4 prototypes and was immediately intrigued. It looks exactly like the one i sat in so im assuming its the same one. I also heard a few years after i sat in it, that it caught on fire from a building fire, but i never heard anything after that. I no longer live in Flint, i live in charlotte NC now so i havent heard or seen the truck since then. All i have are the many pics i took of it. This truck will always be a part of me even just for the few hours i had alone with it, simply amazing!

  3. The truck was purchased by Mark MaGruder of Eolia, Mo. last week. Mark will take good care of it. He has a small collection of classic vehicles including a Stuts Bearcat speedster.

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