Buick Paint 1920.

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Links: Buick Factory #01. Factory #07 Seat Stuffing Assembly factory #06

W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard

Applying the varnish on a model T using the flow method.  Original link for this photo.


Buick Security.

 These Buick officers were always the good guys. I dealt with them on a daily basis when I was a clerk for shipping and receiving. When Buick outsourced their duties to the Pinkerton Agency, after the creation of Buick City, “The good old days at the Buick” were truly gone forever.

 That is factory #31 axle plant in the background which was originally the old engine plant #11 until 1953 & 1954 when the new engine plant #36 was opened for business. This is facing directly north on Division Street just north of Leith Street. This was found on my friend Gordon Young’s site at the following link: 

Flint Photos: Buick Plant Security in the Fifties

 This building housed Main medical, Works engineering, Master mechanic, Security, Metallurgy, Factory Safety store and Personnel and employment.

This is building #85 where I hired in on October 9, 1972.   During World War II.  Other Links: 

Buick Personnel Factory #11 Demolished. Leith Street Revisited.

Buick & Sherwood Changing Hands.

This 1894 photo from the book “David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car” shows wives & daughters posing for a plumbers convention commemorative  photo at the rebuilt factory. The original was destroyed in a fire in 1892 then again in 1896 and even once more in 1898. Shown father below is a lawsuit against the insurer. This is the corner of Meldrum and Champlain, later changed to Lafeyette in 1914 . The address is 942-964 Champlain. The Standard Sanitary Mfg. Company that took over in 1900 would move out in 1906. I don’t see where later tenants, Abbott car company or the Schweppe & Milt tool co.  or the A.C. Knapp top co., stayed in this location for very long.  Click on the articles below to read the originals.  G0 here for the current state of this location.  Go here for the Discuss Detroit web site and more from Kevin Kirbitz.  

                                                 David Buick’s Marvelous Motor Car.

September 8, 1892

Click on for Buick vs. Mechanics insurance co.

April-October 1892.  The plant of Buick & Sherwood, manufacturers of sanitary closets, at Detroit, was burned; the loss $80,000.
                                                       December 1896-May 1897                                                                                                                     

Business directory 1897 showing the Kinney Disinfectant Co. with David Buick as the president.


March 14, 1896 second fire.
1897 Polk Directory                                                                                                                                    

1897.  Original link for Discuss Detroit.
This is the south-east corner of  Champlain, St. now Lafeyette St., and Meldrum St.
This is from the book  “The Complete History Of The Buick” by: Lawrence Gustin and   Terry Dunham.


June 9, 1898.
June-November 1898. Third fire.
                                                                   August 4, 1898.                                                                                                                                                       This may be the  new foundry on Beaufait.                             

August 12, 1898.


September 2, 1898. 
September 1900.


February 1, 1903.
                                                                                                   September 19, 1903.                                                                                                                               

1897 Sanborn Fire insurance map. The street at the left is 12th St., which is now Rosa Parks Boulevard. This is where David Buick went after the Buick & Sherwood Co. ended.

1891 map.   Google Map link.
Two Howard Streets, go figure. The one at top is now Temple Street. Google map shows the 416 Howard address location in Grand Circus, Campus Martius which I believe is erroneous. These street designations do move sometimes. Original 1891 map link.   Click on the following for the complete history of the Grand Circus. 


The red arrow shows where William Sherwood located after their partnership dissolved. The blue arrow is where the Buick & Sherwood main plant was located.                                                                                                               

 July 1905.


December 1905 and Standard is building a new factory to replace the old Buick & Sherwood plant on Champlain.
1913 bathtub trust buster Detroit.

March 3, 1910 shows Abbott still in control of the old Buick & Sherwood plant.
January 2, 1915

1915.  See SAXON Company for the rest of the story on the following link: 

Factory #01 closed body receiving 1924.

Buick Powerhouse.

This north-west view from the old St John’s neighborhood shows, left to right, the powerhouse #14, #85 Personnel and #15 die and pattern shop across Leith Street. The Buick Special and Chevrolet Corvair are on old Michigan Avenue. Notice the cooling vents on the rear air cooled Corvair are covered to keep the snow out.

Link for original here.

More Aerial Buick. Leith Street Then And Now.  Factory #15 Die And Pattern Shop

The red arrow shows location & direction. The foundry #20 is where the future #85 will be built.