Bio: The original purpose of this Blog was as a quick retrieval point for my research data. "It grew out of control rather quickly". I do not hold claim to everything here. As with all history I build and hopefully expand on other peoples efforts. I spend many hours trying to ensure the accuracy of this history which is always evolving. I have worked at many different G.M. plants in my 30 years with the company. I've spent time at the old Chevy V8 plant in Flint, Michigan in 1970 going to night school in the dynamometer room, then onto Buick in 1972, followed by 9 months at the Chevrolet plant in Flint, Michigan, known as Chevy In The Hole. I was called back to Buick after the economy picked up in 1974. In 1997 I went north 50 miles to Bay City Powertrain, which was another old Chevrolet plant. Like most GM. employees I worked some special assignments at other plants in north America. I welcome feedback on anything I post, pertaining to the General Motors Factories. I especially like corrections or new information.

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  1. Hey there! I have to thank you so much, Fred Weiss is my great, great, great, grandfather. My grandfather recently died, along with our GMC founders discount, so I’ve been researching lately. I’ve always heard stories about the company, but they where always stories, and it was hard to find information. I happened to stumble upon your blog today, and it just made my day!

  2. Hi, I have a grandfather, Louis Koggenhop, who was decapitated by a die in the Chevrolet Plant in Flint, Michigan on July 22, 1941. I was told there was a delay, he went to look up and see what was going on…and then the die came down. That is all I know. Thank you for all of the information on your site.

  3. Hello Gerry!

    I was going thru the archives and saw the location of the Buick plant on howard street. You mentioned that the address comes up in Grand Circus Park. That is probably true because the streets of Detroit were renumbered in Jan 1921. Any address before that will need to be looked up. There is a directory by Marc D Manson that lists all the old and new numbers. You can download the entire directory in PDF format on the interweb. If you cant find it I can send you a copy. If you already know all this . . . . Disregard..

  4. This blog is one of the most impressive things I’ve come across in a while, well done. Such a comprehensive and in-depth history… Fantastic. Thanks!

  5. Garry! Hello again

    After reading the message I left you I was a bit unclear. What I was trying to get across was that when you searched the address 416-418 howard it would come up in Grand Circus Park. After the renumbering in 1921 416-418 would today be 1740 Howard. I didn’t you to think there is something in Grand Circus Park. All the addresses I posted above are todays addresses, post 1921. Sorry if I have caused any confusion.

    I can send a google earth file of the locations if you think it might clear things up.


  6. I just discovered your blog. I wondered if you have published any books. I love learning about the history of Buick and your research is fascinating. Please advise. Thanks. Melanie

  7. Any information on the design of the M-18 tank destroyer? In particular on the first use of a torsion bar suspension on a US AFV.

  8. Looking for if any information about the Buick built WWII M-18 tank destroyer. In particular if you have any information on the origin of its torsion bar suspension. This was the first US AFV to use this type of suspension and the source of its sudden appearance on the T-70 prototype is not explained anywhere.

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