Buick Badge

This photo collage was sent by Scott Cummings who was seeking information on this rare piece of Buick history.

This information is from Don Bent’s book “A Place Called Buick”.



Inside Factory #27

Factory #27 The “Liberty Engine” 

Liberty Engine Test Sheds 1918


  De Havilland DH-4


Birdseye View Of Factory District.

Birdseye view of the Oak Park factories as viewed from east of the Flint river. Notice the suspension bridge over the river leading to the factories…this would be removed in 1911. It looks like the river is just receding after a flood. Link: 

Suspension bridge at Hamilton Avenue

Google link: https://maps.google.com/maps/empw?url=https:%2F%2Fmaps.google.com%2Fmaps%3Fhl%3Den%26ie%3DUTF8%26ll%3D43.034611,-83.682539%26spn%3D0.004337,0.010568%26t%3Dh%26z%3D17%26vpsrc%3D6%26output%3Dembed&hl=en&gl=us

Industrial And Hamilton Avenues.

I know it’s hard to believe but I have never posted this photo before. You are looking north up Industrial Avenue from Hamilton Avenue in 1910 during a shift change or lunch.

Here is a little different view of the same intersection taken from the roof of the W.F.Stewart body factory in 1910 showing the Oak Park subdivision after it has been built. That is the Weston-Mott factory on the right with the new Industrial bank now located just west across Industrial Avenue. The bank was originally located in the Stewart factory.  Links: 

Hamilton and Industrial Industrial and Hamilton Early views of Buick & Weston-Mott. Industrial and Hamilton Avenue Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913 Weston-Mott At Industrial & Hamilton Industrial and Hamilton Showing Oak Park Subdivision Weston Mott & Industrial Bank Weston Mott 1906-1909 Weston Mott 1909  

The Weston-Mott Factories At Buick Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1915.

Division Street Gate.

This is the same gate as shown below only in 1974. That is body receiving shown in the foreground and mentioned below. That is factory #44 being built. I entered this gate more than any other in my 30 years with G.M. and it was also my first and last at Buick.

Factory #44 During Construction  Factory #44 Site Through The Years

This view facing northwest is the same gate as shown in the photos above and below. That is body receiving in the background. I like the sign at left: BEAT OLD AGE & GOUT 30 & OUT. These workers are the reason I am enjoying retirement today instead of laying in a casket. 

This ghost image shows the Buick factory in 1910 at the same location as shown above & below.  

Ghost Of The Past

This would be the most photographed entrance of the Buick factory in Flint, Michigan.   This photo is included in the newest book published  about Flint by author Gordon Young.  The book is titled… Teardown: Memoir of a vanishing city.                                                                                                                                                                                      Links: 

Division Street Revisited. Division street During 100 Years. Division Street 1947 Body Receiving 1960