War Production At Buick.

A cover shot from the aviation publication “Flying” June 1943. A box of these and other war time magazines came into my possession recently. This and others made reference to the Buick plants in Flint and Melrose Park and there contributions to winning the war.

Rear cover.


World War II Archeology in England

Melrose Park work on the loom.  Link: 

Buick At It’s Battle Stations



Hamilton Avenue Views 1906.

Lookin north from the south side of Hamilton Avenue from in front of Stewart factory #4 body shop.

Main Office Building First & Second

Facing north-east from the intersection of Hamilton and Industrial Avenues. Weston-Mott office on left with Buick office on the right with Buick’s factory #01.

The Weston-Mott Factories At Buick


Buick City Training Program.

This shows my one time committee man Harold Blakley as the union rep. and Wayne Elowsky as the Buick City rep. Harold played drums in a long time country band from the Flint area. I once bought his Public address system that he used to mic. his drums for all those years. I just recently sold it to my son in-law. Wayne was one of my first supervisors when I joined the materials group in 1975. He is mentioned elsewhere in this blog. This training took place in several Flint area schools and Buick City over the summer of 1985.


Fordite Jewelry.

I posted a story on this same thing being done at Buick’s paint shop factory #11 located on the third floor of factory #04. I love coincidence because I just got this article out of Hemmings Muscle Machines May 2014 issue and am posting it exactly six years later to the day.  Link: for the original story from April 2, 2008 at lower left. Open images in a new tab and enlarge for reading.


Factory #04/11-14


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Cindy Dempsey