Buick world Headquarters at Flint Michigan

Here’s Buick’s first and second office on Hamilton Avenue.

The Buick main Office / World Headquarters was moved from Flint in 1998 to the Renaissance center in Detroit. This view is facing south east from the intersection of North St. and Hamilton Avenue. This building has also been destroyed.



4 thoughts on “Buick world Headquarters at Flint Michigan

  1. I had a 1977, 1979, 1991 and 2005 Buick. First Problem I EVER had was when GM closed by dealer – and no other Buick Dealer picked up my maintenance schedule notifications, etc. Now, I have a Buick Crossover that is driven only 4500 mi per yearand I need a new transmission! [?]

  2. My Buick SUV was incognito. Hard to identify logos, nothing on the sides,like someone was ashamed… I went to the yard, got some older BUICK names and red-white-blue shields and brought back the pride. Many said: That's the first I've seen!

  3. I've been driving Buick for years! I don't first a LaSabre and then went on to the Park Avenue, my son then bought a Park Avenue and both of us had to change out the transmission!! Ok so don't like the Park Avenue as well as the LaSabre..Went looking for a new LaSabre and can't find one, why? Because you don't make them anymore…or anything even close..Don't like the new one's they're too small!! I'm a midsize car gal and would like the LaSabre back!! Please..Have never found a ride even close except the Ford Marquis, don't make me start driving a Ford!!

  4. Thank you for this site. I have been a GM and especially a Buick owner my entire life, with the exception of one Thunderbird. Starting with the 1963 Buick my parents let me have when they purchased a new car, I've had a 1972 Skylark, a 1975 and 1978 Impala, an 86 Regal, a 92 Regal, a 96 Century, a 2001 Century and now an 06 LaCrosse. All excellent cars, and it's sad to see that some still don't support saving the domestic auto industry. Buy American from American companies – foreign firms may have manufacturing plants here, but the profits go overseas.

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