Work Safely Today – Tomorrow – Always.

This is the same area (shown below on Leith Street) during a later strike.

Here we are facing west during a strike at Buick. That is bridge #20 in the foreground. Factory #11 is on the right. On the left is building #23 then factory #29 followed by #12-A and #12. The bridge in the distance carried axle assembly’s from factory #31. In my time the far bridge carried axles to factory #04, which would date this photo after 1940 when the new axle plant was built.  Buick had a strike just after the war so I’m thinking this is 1946. Factory #31 was first called 66A because it was connected to factory #66 crankshaft plant.

This a a closeup of bridge #20 over Leith Street. This is the bridge that carried motors from factory #11 to factory #62. The Safety warnings are the same as shown in the 1934 Oak Park photo. Links:

Bridge #20

Leith Street Revisited Once Again.

Factory #31 During Construction

Oak Park Entrance 1934 – 2001.

Factory #29 Tool Factory.


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